First Choice Health & Safety Training

Health is Safety is not just common sense. It is something everyone needs to do the job in a safest way. It is an obligation to anyone to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and health and safety of anyone who may be affected by their acts.

That is why our courses are designed for a range of people in the workplace. These safety training courses will make you confident and refreshed in dealing with general health and safety guidance, allowing you to create and maintain a safe and better working environment.

If you work in health and social care there's a reasonable chance you're a veteran of the training room. And by training I don't mean a degree or diploma, nor the fire lecture or the food hygiene course. I mean the sort of workshop-type training typically delivered over a day or two, focusing on a particular subject or skill with the intention of making you better at your job and better able to deliver services to vulnerable people.

We provide various trainings related to social health as well. Please visit our courses by using side tabs.